Hello everybody, and welcome to Player Vs. Life. I am your host. Brenna Cimino, a.k.a Saintbrenna, and here at PVL I hope to share with you something different than just the latest and greatest in the vast world of gaming. That’s right, this blog is about something a little more universal and common with all of us lifers.

This blog is intended to show what it is really like being a gamer, being immersed in the greatest age of technology known to humankind, and what exactly sets our experience apart from those whose fingers don’t feel as comfortably mapped to a game pad or WASD.

You see, I’ve been gaming nearly as long as I’ve been able to walk; I still remember playing Billy the Kid Returns on the family’s IBM, decked out with Windows 95 like I was blasting those pixelated snakes yesterday. And although I’m not nearly old enough to say that I’ve been here since the beginning, I am proud to say that I have definitely allowed gaming to be one of the biggest parts of my life.

Most importantly, I know I am not alone.

It’s almost impossible in the year 2018 to find a human being between the ages of 5 and 30 that has not played a video game, in one way or another; this range increases drastically with the booming mobile gaming genre, where even the Candy Crushers have their own casual-gamer demographic, an area companies across the board are scrambling to get a stake in.

But even with the hype of the multibillion-dollar industry, and the success of spanning generations, the term “gamer” still elicits a foreign response in much of the public. I find myself unable to talk to co-workers or family members about the gaming world without phrases such as “Oh yeah, maybe my kid knows something about that” or “Do you ever go outside?”.

Worse still is the idea that our countless hours of “staring at a screen” are being wasted unless we all go to school and get programming jobs with Sony or “whats the one that makes the game with the big, hungry circle?”. Even as the market is flooded with a need for testers, programmers, and artists, the idea of working in the video gaming industry is believed to be a far-fetched one at best.

So the term “gamer” is still one that comes with the negative connotation that: we don’t have jobs, we don’t have friends, we don’t have partners, and we don’t have lives.

Okay, well that’s not me.

I work, I hang out with humans, face-to-face, I am loved, and the fact that I have gaming in my life does not negate those things or necessitate that I don’t have a life: period. Our stories are different, but I know we don’t fit this box we’ve been given.

That being said, I want to talk about our lives as gamers. Things we understand about each other, but may not be understood by others. I want us to unite and accept our title, but re-write the description to include us as we are, and to teach others who do not understand the gamer’s way of life just why we choose to lose sleep, lose our cool, and gain that EXP.

So join me as I share stories, questions, game play, and everything else that makes up a gamer’s life, and hopefully you’ll help me convey the true meaning of being a lifelong gamer by sharing your experiences with me or simply by coming along for the ride!

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