Tonight, I faced a familiar feeling, a feeling most gamers will encounter in their lives. It used to come when I stared blankly at a media shelf packed full of mismatched jewel cases of varying sizes; now, I feel it when I stare blankly at my never-ending Steam list full of ambiguous names, terms, and phrases. I find one thought crossing my brain:

Do I have too many games?

Is it even possible to call oneself a gamer but to feel as though games are cluttering your life? I have four, separate copies of “Elderscrolls 5: Skyrim”, two copies of “Silent Hill: Homecoming” an endless plethora of “free-to-play” titles, and digital duplicates of dozens of hard-copies.

I'm comfortable with this
I should get a 5th copy…just to be safe.

Now, this might make it sound like I’m swimming through a sea of plastic, hoarding games for the sake of simply hoarding games. However, physically, it is nothing like that. My physical games fit very neatly into three storage tubs, and the majority of my digital media is all on one server. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel a sudden anxiety that I may be collecting more games than I am playing; and what is the purpose of buying a game if not to play it?

This feeling comes also from the fact that, lately, especially after a long day at work, I really only want to come home and play something I know, something that makes me feel comfortable. I purchased eight games for the Steam Summer Sale, and I only just now sat down and remembered I had any of them. Why? Because I’ve been too busy closing Oblivion gates for the umpteenth time in my life.


I feel so comfortable…so…soothed.

So what do I do?

Do I set ground rules for myself? Telling myself that I cannot purchase a game unless I have given every game in my collection a fair shake? Do I purge myself of games I feel I’ll never touch again? Do I curl up and let the massive amounts of information engulf my very soul until I too am nothing more than bits of bytes in the swirling abyss?

That last option seems dramatic.

The truth is, I will probably just continue on, because I know, in my heart of hearts, it’s not about having time now. Right now, I may not have the time for new games, or playing an old game on a different system, etc, right now; things are hectic, and feeling comfortable is important. But I have a lot of time to play a lot of games, and a lot of time for my situation to change. And when it does, I am definitely going to want to try that new “whatever game” on that “Which-ever device” and that is okay.

But, to be honest, I will probably never want to play Rocket League again…..



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